Wind energy could supply 10 times the energy needs of the whole of Europe

According to a new study published in Energy, Europe could satisfy its need for electricity, up to 10 times, through the sole exploitation of wind energy.

Whilst aware that 100% of the electricity from wind power would not be possible for various social, economic and political reasons, the calculation that researchers made about onshore wind energy in Europe sees a potential level of generation of electricity of 34.3 PWh per year. This is a level higher than the highest estimate made by other scientists of 13 PWh per year.

According to the speakers of the article on Energy, this discrepancy would be explained by the methods used for identifying the land on which a wind power plant can be profitably built, as well as the methods used to identify other factors such as improvements in the technology sector. The technological improvements would concern above all the turbines used for wind power plants that will become much more efficient in the coming decades, something that will drastically change the results achieved in the wind sector.

Of course, this will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that result from the use of fossil fuels.

The European Union intends to reduce these emissions by 80-95% by 2050 compared to the 1990 level, but to achieve these goals it will still require a huge shift towards renewable energy sources.

In any case, wind power seems to be one of those sectors that could be of greater help in this regard.